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Making Web Pages Printable Using CSS – CSS Tutorial

It works like this; when you link a style sheet to your HTML page, there is an attribute that you can specify in the CSS link tag that tells the device reading your page if it should use the style sheet specified in the link. So the wise … … Read more »

Streaming IPTV Simple Solution , VOD , Android, IOS urgent project …

php file, mysql must be provide, and ios code must work on xcode and android on eclipse -ADT not other SDK's … Getting the best web design, custom programming , professional writing or affordable marketing has never been easier! … Read more »

How To Compress JavaScript and CSS StyleSheet In … – Blogger Yard

Yesterday, we mentioned that we should compress the JavaScript and StyleSheet of a blog to boost the loading speed and here I'm going to teach step by step to those who can't compress their JavaScript and CSS files. Compressing these coding will surely bring the benefit … … Read more »