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The Non-Programmers Guide To Building iOS Apps: Safari Books …

In this building iOS Apps training video for non- programmers , expert author Tony Bove teaches you how to build fully functional iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. This training course is designed for the absolute beginner, and … … Read more »

iOS: How to get a button to work – Part 2 « The Programming Assistant

One of the biggest problems that I had in learning Objective-C is getting a button to respond to a user's tap inside of a button. Yes, it may seem simple now, but when I was trying to learn how, this obstacle got under my skin for … … Read more »

Sesame Workshop published “how to” for iOS Developers « The …

The organization behind Sesame Street want to improve the quality of apps using their name from 3rd party developers, according to “Sesame Workshop's Best Practices Guide for Children's App .. … Read more »